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Residence ROME: your apartment for stays near Rome

Palma Suite
is a newly renovated modern facility located in the Rome province in Guidonia Montecello. With its 4 2- and 3-bedroom cottages with living and kitchenettes equipped with an oven and dishwasher, it represents the ideal solution for both those seeking Cheap residences near Rome both for those seeking luxury suites near Rome.

The apartments for stays near Rome and the Tivoli Terme residence provided by Palma Suite will win you over with the great convenience offered to guests. Each accommodation has a separate entrance and includes TV, heating and air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, private parking, and provision of bed and bath linens.

These are inexpensive but luxurious residences that offer guests the convenience of home with the comfort of a hotel. So let’s see why to choose these apartments for stays near Rome, an ideal solution for reaching Tivoli, just 30 minutes from the residence.

What to see in Tivoli

An ideal destination for an out-of-town day trip: Tivoli with Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este, is a spectacular and fascinating place listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a masterpiece of classical and Renaissance art.

Half an hour away from our luxurious and economical residence near Rome, Tivoli can be reached by taking the Via Tiburtina and will win over the tourist who loves art and beauty.

Tivoli, an Italian town near Rome, is renowned for its historic villas and enchanting gardens. Here are some places not to be missed:

Getting lost in the narrow streets of Tivoli’s historic center is a fascinating experience, with its squares, quaint alleys, and cozy cafes.

The history of Tivoli in brief

Tivoli, known as “Tibur” in ancient Rome, was inhabited by the Sabines before the arrival of the Romans. It was renowned for its thermal waters and natural beauty, attracting the interest of wealthy Romans who built villas and residences there.

During the Roman period, it became a resort destination for the elite. Hadrian’s Villa, commissioned by Emperor Hadrian in the second century AD, is one of the most important sites of this era, representing an extraordinary example of architecture and design.

In the Middle Ages, Tivoli underwent several dominations, including that of the Lombards and Byzantines. In the Renaissance, many of its villas and gardens were restored and expanded.

Over the following centuries, Tivoli continued to be appreciated for its gardens and architectural works, attracting visitors from all over the world. During the modern and contemporary period, it has maintained its reputation as a place of historical, cultural and scenic interest.

Today, Tivoli is a popular tourist destination thanks to its villas, Renaissance gardens and archaeological sites that offer a window into the region’s rich history.

Choose to explore Tivoli by staying in the comfortable, affordable and fully equipped residence near Rome provided by PALMA Suite.

Choose to explore Tivoli by staying in the comfortable, affordable and fully equipped residence near Rome provided by PALMA Suite.