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Tivoli Spa

Holiday at the Tivoli spa: the advantages of staying in Palma Residence

Discovering Tivoli and relaxing at the Tivoli spa is every person’s dream and the holiday in Palma Residence near the Tivoli spa makes the perfect combination of hospitality, luxury and comfort with an eye on the wallet.

Staying in Palma Residence

The luxury apartments and residences near Rome, as well as the economic residences near Rome proposed by Palma Residence are truly stunning and well-equipped with every comfort to delight in the perfect holiday for singles, couples, families or groups of friends who choose to rest at the Tivoli Terme.

Among the many advantages of staying in a residence and choosing Palma Residence Apartments near Rome are:

Thanks to the residence format, you can count on all the benefits of staying in a hotel with the extra advantage of feeling right at home.

Terme di Tivoli: a dream place to relax

The Tivoli Terme is an enchanting oasis for relaxation and wellbeing. Located near Rome, Tivoli is famous for its ancient spas and thermal waters that have attracted visitors since the time of the Roman Empire.

The Tivoli Terme offers a unique experience of relaxation through:

Tivoli is surrounded by surprising natural beauty, with gardens, parks and breathtaking views of the Roman countryside to add a relaxing and regenerating dimension to the spa experience. The thermal waters of Tivoli are known for their supposed healing properties, especially for the skin, joints and respiratory tract. Hence why so many visitors seek out these waters for therapeutic purposes.

But that’s not all. In addition to relaxation, Tivoli also offers the chance to explore historical sites such as Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana  to explore the wonderful gardens and fountains.

Treat yourself to a dream holiday with Palma Residence at the Tivoli Terme and book your favourite type of accommodation today!