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Villa D’Este

Villa D'Este: visit it and stay at Palma Residence

Those who decide to take a few days off to visit Villa D’Este in Tivoli can stay at the residence near Rome made available by Palma Residence, a hospitality solution that combines all the comforts with the pleasures of feeling at home. The choice of staying in low-cost residences near Rome and in residences just a few kilometres from Rome is increasingly appreciated by tourists who want to discover Tivoli and its historical places such as the Tivoli Terme  and Villa Adriana.

Palma Residence: Luxury suites near Rome

Palma Residence offers the most exacting tourist a luxury suite near Rome equipped with every comfort, an independent entrance and recently-renovated lodgings where they can feel immediately at home. There are many advantages of choosing the residence formula for your holidays to discover Tivoli and its beauties:

Residences tend to create a more home-like environment, which can make guests feel more comfortable and less like tourists in transit. But that’s not all. Residences usually offer greater privacy than hotels, with controlled access and additional security.

Villa Villa D’Este: a little gem of Tivoli to admire

The Villa D’Este in Tivoli is a Renaissance jewel that enchants visitors with its beauty and history. Rendering this place so special are:

Villa D’Este was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, recognising its historical, artistic and landscape value. Choose to discover this estate in all its beauty by staying in the budget residences and luxury suites near Rome offered by Palma Residence. Book now!