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Marco Simone Golf & Castle

What to see – Golf Country and Castello Marco Simone

Located in Guidonia Montecelio near Rome, the Palma Residence is the starting point for discovering not only the Tivoli Terme, Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este but also luxurious places such as the Golf Country Marco Simone and Castello di Marco Simone.

The unique charm of the Castello di Marco Simone

The restoration of the Castello di Marco Simone,” said Laura Biagiotti “was like some kind of madness that took over me and that I oversaw very gently. It was a decisive choice in my life, at the crossroads of 35 years – living and working in the countryside, personal relationships and professional commitments, a long-held passion and search for customs, the theatre of everyday life and fashion, all in a single vessel.”

Marco Simone is one of the sites in the Roman countryside whose past can be read immediately as if reading a book. This is why it is a location that we at Suite Palma also invite you to discover and visit to become a modern real tourist.

Golf Country Marco Simone and the Ryder Cup experience

The Golf Club Marco Simone is a golf course located near Guidonia Montecelio, some 17 kilometres north-east of Rome, Italy. It is one of the most prestigious golf courses in the country. Golf Country Marco Simone is known for hosting major golf events and international competitions.

In 2023, the Marco Simone Golf Club was the venue for the Open Championship, one of the four major golf tournaments. This event attracted the attention of golf enthusiasts from all over the world, seeing the course be significantly renovated in preparation for the Open Championship.

Amongst the most important events is the Ryder Cup, a truly prestigious golf tournaments and one of the most watched in the world. This biennial team competition sees United States and Europe face off. The Ryder Cup was first held in 1927 and initially saw the United States and Great Britain go head-to-head. In 1979, the competition was extended to include European golfers and since then, it has been known as the Ryder Cup Europe against the United States.

The uniqueness of this competition lies in its team format. Each team consists of twelve players, selected by their respective captains. The game format sees a combination of four-player (two players per team) and individual matches. The competition takes place over three days and involves several playing sessions.

The Ryder Cup is known not only for the high level of competition but also for the intense atmosphere and passionate support of the fans. Golf enthusiasts keep a keen eye on the Ryder Cup, as it represents one of the occasions when the best players in the world come together to represent their respective teams and compete in an atmosphere of great sporting rivalry.

Three reasons to visit the Castello of Marco Simone

For those staying at Suite Palma, we recommend discovering not only the beauties of the Tivoli Terme, Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este but also the Castello di Marco Simone. In particular, we recommend this as a destination for a trip with adults and children thanks to:

  1. The History and Culture – The castles reveals intriguing tales linked to historical periods, events and important figures. Thus, a visit to a castle can offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in local history.
  2. The Architecture – Many castles are known for their imposing and characteristic architecture. Architecture enthusiasts can appreciate the design, interior and construction elements of these structures.
  3. The Panoramas and Position – Castles are situated in panoramic locations with breathtaking views. The visit can offer a unique perspective on the surrounding region.

Stay overnight at the Residence Palma  and enjoy a lasting holiday to discover not only Rome but also the beauties of the Roman countryside!